The Diary iOS App: Sharing your Diary by Inviting Guests

You can invite guests to your Diary who may view the data categories you select, or add/modify data, to help you manage your health. You can choose to hide any data that you do not want the guest to see. To invite a guest, go to your Accounts page, and click the torso icon at top right.



Then, click the circled plus sign to the right of "Guests to My Diary".




Then, fill in the details on the next screen.



Under "Guest Permissions" the eye icon with the slash through it indicates what will be hidden from the guest. The eye indicates what the guest can view. The pencil icon means the guest can add or edit data. Click on each field to make the choices for each section. Blue indicates that the icon is active. When finished, click "Back" at top left, and your selections will be saved.




You may add an optional message to your guest. Then, click the black bar at bottom that says "Invite Guest". Your guest will be emailed an invitation to your Diary. Until they accept or reject the invitation, "Guests to Your Diary" will show that person's name, and "PENDING". 


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