The Diary iOS App: Add a new Data Entry, Manual or Voice

 Adding new entries to your Diary is easy!

If you have Apple Health integration turned on for your Diary in the Apple Health app, your selected information will appear automatically.

It is easy to manually enter data too. 

From your Dashboard, touch the "New Entry" icon at the top right of the app. 


You can choose between Manual Entry and Voice Entry. 


 Manual Entry

Manual Entry enables you to choose a health data type. Then, type in the information you want to capture.

The following health data types are available in your Diary: Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Water Intake, Active Energy (calories), Exercise Activity, Stand Hour, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat, Body Temperature, Feelings, Heart Rate, Height, Medications Taken, Oxygen Saturation, Respiration Rate, Sleep, Steps, Symptoms, Waist Circumference, and Weight."Exercise Activity" tracks data coming from the Apple Watch. 


When everything is entered, just touch "Save" at the top, and you'll see the entry in your Dashboard within seconds. 

Voice Entry

Voice Entry allows you to just say what you want to capture in your Diary. You can use phrases like, "I have a headache", or "I feel excited", or you may want to record that you just took a medication. Those things will be translated into your Diary as health data entries. 

While your Diary app is listening, use a simple phrase to capture a new health data entry. Touch "Done" to turn listening off when you have finished speaking.


The application will then process your voice entry and allow you to add a note if you wish.

Just touch "Save" at the top, to capture this data to your Diary. 



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