The Diary iOS App: Dashboard

When you log in to your Diary, you will see your Dashboard icon at bottom, second from the left. Your Dashboard shows you the most recent activity contributing to your health story. 

To select the Dashboard widgets (data categories) that will be viewable, just press the Dashboard Settings cog in the upper left.



The top section 'Visible Widgets' shows you the widgets that appear on your Dashboard. The bottom section 'Available Widgets' shows you the widgets that are still available to add.  Choose from the available widgets to set up a dashboard that works best for you. 


Adjust the settings of a widget by touching the cog in the upper right corner.


You can select the way you'd like your information to appear, and click "show all data" to see details of entries you've made. Don't forget to 'Save' before you leave the screen.


When you want to remove a widget's visibility from the Dashboard, go to the Dashboard setting and just select the minus sign on a widget to remove it. This just moves the widget back to the Available section, it does not remove it from your Diary app.


When you view the Dashboard, easily scroll up and down the app to the items you've selected to be displayed. 


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