The Diary iOS App: Files – Upload and Manage Important Documents

Your Diary comes with a secure storage center for your important medical and legal files. Store your medical documents, such as paperwork from your doctor's office, x-rays, lab results, Powers of Attorney, and any other documents important to you.

To access your secure storage center, just touch the "Files" icon at the bottom of the Diary app. From here you can view, search, sort and add documents. Just touch any document name to open the document.


You can add files to your secure folder by uploading them directly from your device or using your camera to capture the document. Touch the plus sign at the top of the screen to add a new document. Then select whether you want to upload or create a document.

Once you've found the document or taken a photo, you just need to give it a name.  You can also add tags for quick sorting and notes that you feel might be important. Enter the information and touch "Save." 


Your document will now show up in your file folder.



If you want to edit or delete a document, just swipe the name of the document to the left and the options will appear.



You can also view, add and edit your documents from anywhere in the world by accessing your folder through the connected web Diary online. Sign up and log in at




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