Who else can use, access, or add to my Diary?

Whomever you choose to invite as a Guest to your Diary may view and/or add to, or edit, your Diary data, depending on the strict permissions you set. At all times, you are in complete control of who sees your Diary, and what they can do within your Diary. You can grant “view only” access to some or all categories, and allow the additional authority for someone else to enter or edit data in your Diary. You can even edit any entries made by others, if necessary – and your edits, as well as their original data entry, will always remain accessible for future reference. At any time, you can modify or cancel permissions.

If your Diary app is associated with a CarePro care organization, then that organization will have access to your account, so you can work together. However, you are still in control of what your organization can or cannot see. If you have any questions regarding what your care provider needs to access to help you better, please contact them directly.

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