Can I permanently delete the information in my Diary, or deactivate?

You can delete all personal information in your Diary by requesting termination of your account. Contact a Kindness Care customer service specialist at

You have the option to either completely delete your account, or to deactivate it. Deactivating allows you to use your account in the future if you so choose. In order to delete or deactivate your account, we will need the email address you used to sign up for your account (but NOT your password), and the date of your first Diary entry, or the date you downloaded the app. We can then process your request.

When you send your request, please be sure to specify whether you want your account simply deactivated, or completely deleted.

Please note that any de-identified, anonymous information that you may have granted permission to be used for statistics purposes (e.g. average blood pressure for males aged 50-60 years), will still remain a part of those data sets – but all of your personal information, and your Diary account, will be terminated/deactivated on request, and you will be informed when such action is completed.

For more information on de-identified data, see

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