User Identity & Login Page

User Identity

  • User - This is a general name for any or all of the identities and the term will be applied in general ways
  • Owner - This user is subscribed to a Diary. The subscription can be active or inactive
  • Guest - This user is subscribed to a Diary and also has access to another Owner's Diary


Login Page


Upon reaching the login page, the user will enter their email and password; click Sign In to access the account.

  • Email - the place for the Owner to type their current email associated with their Diary account
  • Password - the place for the Owner to type their current password
  • SHOW - this appears in the password box and allows the user to see the password typed, instead of seeing asterisks

Forgot Password

Clicking this link allows the user to begin a password-resend process. If the user remembers the current password and does not wish to change it, this process can be abandoned at any point prior to saving a new password.

  • Upon clicking the "Forgot Password?" link on the login screen, the user will be prompted to enter the email address associated with the Diary account
  • Click Send to have an email sent to you containing a link to begin the password-resend process
  • The user must check their email account to receive the message and follow instructions to create a new password (if not found, check spam folder)

 Password Security

  • A user may receive an erroneous password reset notification if someone attempts to reset the password for the Owner's user ID. This can happen because someone with a similar username or email address has mistyped their email address during the password reset process or someone is trying to gain access to the Owner’s account - in this case, we recommend the user changes their email password to ensure it is not compromised

  • We always recommend that users create strong passwords which contain a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. A sentence containing all of these elements is the easiest way to remember strong passwords


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