Timeline Date Picker, Data View, Data Point Details, Data Map

Timeline Date Picker

  • Select whether you want to view information by day, week, month, or year
  • Select UNTIL or FROM to view information with a specific end date or from a certain date forward
  • Select "this week" (or Today, This Month, This Year as appropriate) to move the end date (far right of Timeline) to the current time slice
  • Use the right and left arrows to navigate the time slices

Timeline Data View

Each cell contains a data point that represents health data corresponding to the date shown above (green arrows).

There are different types of data points depending on the type of health information being represented. The following is a list of defined terms used in the Diary:

  • A recurrence - representing something that happens every so often
  • A point - representing in a simple way that something happened on a certain date
  • A count - representing that a certain number of something happened on a certain date (1 dose of a medication taken, for example)
  • A collapsed point - representing that data exists for a specific health information type in a certain time frame while the health information widget is collapsed (the far left gray arrow pointing to the right instead of down) 
  • An aggregation - representing the total amount of a measure for the time period selected (day, week, month, year)
  • An absolute value - representing the measure in its exact value (a blood pressure reading is a great example)
Data Point Details

Clicking on a Timeline data point will allow you to see related details. The details can include a single entry or multiple entries which are contributing to a date range view (weekly, monthly, yearly).

  • Selecting EDIT on a data point detail item will allow you to make changes to that particular entry
  • Selecting COPY on a data point detail item will allow you to copy that entry as a new entry with the current date/time
  • Selecting DELETE on a data point detail item will allow you to remove that entry from your Diary 

Multiple Data Point Details

 It is possible to have multiple data point details listed under an entry, as seen below.

  • Clicking an entry will load the details for that entry
  • The EDIT, COPY, DELETE functions are available
  • Click < BACK (red arrow) to return to the list of data point details


The Data Map

The Data Map allows for quick selection of blocks of time. You can modify the time view on the left (green arrow).


  • The dark gray area signifies the portion of time currently in focus on the timeline
  • The empty circles in the data map signify time periods which have no data entries for any health data type
  • The filled circles represent time periods which have data for any health data type
  • Hovering your mouse pointer without clicking it over a filled circle will provide a tooltip containing the health data type and its date


Changing the date range using the data map

  • Clicking on a different section of the data map changes the timeline to reflect a new date range in light gray 
  • Use the top-most right and left arrows to navigate the data map time slices (blue arrow)


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