Health Data and Date Picker For New Entry

Health Data

Health data is any information you enter into your diary to track, view, or share. There are a few ways to enter new data into the Diary. Just look for the plus signs (green arrows). 



Date Picker for a New Entry

In a Health Data entry area, the Owner can click on the Date Picker (green arrow) and choose to record the item as a single instance, a periodic (recurring) instance, or as something that occurred over a date range.


Single Instance

  • Using the Date Picker, you can select whether a new entry is a measure on a single calendar date. You can also place a time on the single calendar date entry (blue arrow)
  • Change the Month, Day, and year as needed


Multiple Occurrences or a date range

If this measure is something that has occurred over a range of dates or occurs on a periodic basis, you can select multiple instances.

  • Select how often the measure was valid from the Start date selected if it was a periodic measure
  • Choose No End Date for entries that are ongoing from the Start date selected
  • Uncheck No End Date to define a date range for the measure





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