Connections Section: Guests, Owners

Connections Section

With the Connections Section, you can easily involve members of your family and healthcare team. This feature allows the Owner to share a portion or all of their Diary with anyone they choose, as well as revoke all or part of the access they had previously granted to someone. This puts the Diary Owner in complete control of who sees their health information and what they see. 

  • Click on "Guests" to be directed to the page where you can see a list of who you have invited to your Diary and control permissions
  • Click on "Owners" to be directed to the page where you can see a list of who has shared their Diary with you and view permissions granted as a visitor in someone else's Diary


Guest are people you invite to your Diary. You have full control over what that guest sees or doesn't see.

You can even allow them to modify or add information in your Diary.

At any time, you can change the permissions you've given a guest, or remove the connection entirely. 

  • Click on "Invite A Guest" (green arrow) to invite a person to your Diary
  • Click on the three dots (blue arrow) to Edit or Remove Connection to a Guest


Here, you can view a record and status of all invitations sent.

 Invite A Guest
  • Click on "Invite A Guest"


  • Enter Guest's email address, name, and any message you'd like to include in the email
  • Choose the permissions you wish the Guest to have
    - Private: make certain areas invisible
    - View: allow view-only access to your Diary
    - Modify: allow Guest to make new entries and edits 
  • Click "Send" to email the invitation


Edit or Remove Connection

  • To the far right of the Guest's name, click on the three dots (green arrow)
  • Edit to change any of the permissions you originally granted
  • Remove Connection to delete the connection to this Guest

  • After choosing to remove, click on Remove Connection (blue arrow) to save changes

  • After editing permissions, click on Update Access (red arrow) to save changes



Here you will see a list of owners who have given you permission to view or edit their Diary. When you are invited as someone's guest, that Diary owner can choose what you can see or cannot see in their Diary, and can also set permission to allow you to modify or even add to their information.

Click on the three dots (green arrow) to either View Account or choose to Remove Connection.

When viewing the Owner's homepage, you'll see their picture in the center (green arrow) and your picture appears smaller to the left of

the Owner you are viewing. To return to your own diary, simply click on your picture and select "Back to my account".



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