Granting Guest Access

You can invite someone else to your Diary using the “Connections” feature. Click on the word “Connections”, on the left side of your Diary’s home page, the Dashboard. Then choose “Guests”, and on that page, click the “Invite a Guest” button at top right. (See the User’s Guide for more details.) Once you click on the “Invite a Guest” button, you will see settings allowing you to choose what permissions each guest has – how much they can see, and whether or not they are able to make or change entries. Your guest will only be able to see and/or edit the specific health information that you have allowed, and you can change or revoke a guest’s access at any time.

The Guests feature gives you full control of the degree of involvement you’d like any individual to have. For example, you might like to give someone access to only a small amount of your data (perhaps your exercise records), or you might want to give another person much greater control of your Diary so that they can manage it for you. It’s completely up to you!

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