Account Settings, Diary Section, Diary Selector

Account Settings

  • In the upper left of the application, click on the profile picture (green arrow)
  • This is used to access the settings of the account you signed into with a username and password
  • This is the place to log out of the account (red arrow)


Diary Section

The Diary Section is your navigation point to the Dashboard, the Timeline, and the Files page.


Diary Selector

  • The Diary Selector (green arrow) is where a user clicks to choose which Diary they are viewing (green arrow)
  • A user with no permissions to another Owner's Diary will only have options to view their own profile 


  • A user with permissions to another Owner's Diary will have options to view the other Diaries 
  • A user with permissions to multiple Diaries can use the lookup connection field (blue arrow) by clicking on the Diary Selector image (green arrow) to find the correct Diary to view
  • By clicking on a name of another Diary Owner, a user is able to view that Owner's Diary based on the permissions the Owner has extended to that user 


Switching to someone else's Diary

In the above example, this Guest does not have access to the Owner's connections and cannot see or invite other Guests to this Owner's Diary. 

  • Guests who are viewing another Owner's Diary, have indicators to remind them of this, and several things will appear differently depending on the permissions the Guest has
    • The Owner's profile picture will appear in the front center position (green arrow) with the Guest's profile picture in the rear left position (blue arrow)


What navigation changes when I switch to someone else's Diary?

  • The DIARY area is now used to access the Owner's Dashboard, Timeline, and Files page
  • The CONNECTIONS area is used to view Guests who have received access to this Owner’s account
  • The ACCOUNT area is used to access the Owner's account information (if the Guest has permission)


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