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The Dashboard is an at-a-glance view of important aspects of your health story. The Dashboard is the first thing you will see when you log into your Diary. You can add widgets (the containers for data), adjust their settings, and arrange how they appear to you when you log in.


Adding Widgets

A dashboard widget is a tiny container for certain kinds of Diary data that will appear on your Dashboard.

  • To add a widget, simply click "Edit" on the center-right area of the Dashboard (green arrow)

  • Then Click "+Add A Widget"  (blue arrow)

  • This will let you select from available Dashboard widgets
  • You will probably want to add several to see how they work and to decide which information you want to see each time you log in

Dashboard Widget Settings

  • After selecting a widget to add to the Dashboard, you’ll then need to select the focus criteria (green arrow) and save the New Widget (blue arrow)
  • Click "Back" (red arrow) to get back to the view mode on the Dashboard

  • After a Dashboard widget has been created and saved, you can access its settings by clicking the settings cog (green arrow) for the widget you want to change

New Entry in the Dashboard Widget

  •  The "plus symbol" icon (green arrows) indicates where you can create a new entry for this item
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