Customize Data View, Collapse or Expand Timeline Widget

Customize Data View

The Data View can be customized at any time by clicking on the “Default” icon or view name (green arrow).

You can customize several views this way, depending on how you are choosing to share and view your health data.

  • The dark gray area signifies the portion of time currently in focus on the timeline
  • The empty circles in the data map signify time periods which have no data entries for any health data type
  • The filled circles represent time periods which have data for any health data type
  • Hovering your mouse pointer without clicking it over a filled circle will provide a tooltip containing the health data type and its date

 Collapse or Expand a Timeline Widget

When you want to "hide" a portion of your information temporarily from view, simply click on the far left gray arrow next to the widget name to collapse the widget (green arrow).

  • The open squares indicate no data exists for that date
  • The filled squares indicate data exists for that date 
  • Click the far left arrow again to toggle the expanded view (green arrow)


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