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The Files page is a storage place for any health documents that you might want to own, store, and access. This area allows an Owner to upload documents which can then be titled and tagged for an organization.

  • The max file size for any single document is 25MB
  • There is no known total storage limitation 

Add a new Files item

  •  Select the Plus button (blue arrow) next to the Files title


  • Select "Choose File" on the pop-up screen
  • You will be asked to navigate to and select the file on your system
  • Once the file is uploaded, click "Done"
  • The item will appear in the list
  • There is a max file size limitation for any single document of 25MB

Open/Download a Files item

You can open some items directly from the Files page. Other items you will have to download to open on your system.

  • Click on the item name in the list, the document details pop-up box should appear for the item you selected
  • Click on the name of the document to view/download the document (green arrow)
    • If the document is an image format (png, pdf, jpg, etc.) the document will load in a separate browser window
    • If the document is in any other format, the document will download so you can open it with the correct viewer on your system  

Options for a Files document

You can access additional options for Files documents by clicking the three dots (blue arrow).


View Details

 Selecting View Details opens the document details panel


  • You can edit the name of the Files item
  • You can add or remove tags for the Files item
  • You can add or edit notes for the Files item


Select Download to automatically start the download process, which will put the document on your computer.

Look for the name of the file downloading at the bottom of your screen.


Selecting Delete will present a Files item window asking you to confirm the delete action.



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