Account Section: Notifications and Preferences


By clicking on "Notifications" (blue arrow), you will be in the area where Owners see messages and settings notifications related to account activities.



  • Account - The Owner will see notification messages related to changes to their account by permitted Guests. Owners do not get notifications for their own actions
  • Connections - The Owner will see notifications messages related to changes in their connections. This includes Diary invitation acceptance or refusals by invited Guests


This is an area for the Owner to select the type of notifications they will receive and in what format

  • Display In App - when this is checked, the notification will be displayed online in the Diary application
  • Send Email - when this is selected, the notification will be sent to the email address in the Owner's profile
  • Unselected - when neither is selected, no notification is visible online or in an email
  • Both Selected - when both are selected, both notification types will occur



By clicking on "Preferences" (blue arrow), you will be in the area where Owners can select certain preferences for use throughout the Diary.

  • Time zone
  • Temperature Unit of Measure
  • Weight Unit of Measure
  • Height Unit of Measure
  • Distance Unit of Measure



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