CarePro Web: Notes – Adding a New Note in a Patient (Owner) Diary

Notes: New Entry, and Owner Timeline View


To make a new Note entry into an Owner's (patient's) Diary, click on "Owners" at the left of your Dashboard. Then, click on the ellipses to the right of the Owner's name. You will see a drop-down list. Choose, "Add Notes". 


The New Notes Entry field will appear. You may enter a Diary Note, Clinical Note, or Care Management note. If you are tracking time for billing purposes, you can enter minutes of Care Management Time. You may also add additional notes, or any attachment you wish, to this New Notes Entry.  

Clicking "Browse" at top left allows you to search for this patient's Notes module.


 This brings you to the Notes page, where you can view notes previously entered. In the following example, you will see any notes already entered for Diary owner Lucinda Davis. You can also add a new Note from this page by clicking on the circled Plus sign next to the word "NOTES", at top, just below the word "Dashboard". Doing so will again open up the Notes data field.


Notes, Owner Diary Timeline View

 While still in the patient Diary, click on "Timeline", in the left navigation bar. With the Notes module in this Timeline view, you will see the following features: 

  • Data Point shows the number of single instances recorded for the selected date slice (day, week, month, year).
  • Data range and recurring notes show as separate line items from instances of the same item.

Clicking on the arrow to the right of each note title will allow you to view more details of that particular note.

To return to your CarePro Dashboard, simply click the small circle at the top left of The Diary, next to the Owner's picture circle. This will allow you to choose the option, "Back To My Account", returning you to your CarePro Dashboard.

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