Account Section: Profile Overview, Demographics, Contacts

Account Section

The Account Section is connected to the specific Diary a user is viewing at any given time. It contains profile information, contact information, change password, billing information, view notifications, and access account preferences. 



When clicking on "Profile" (blue arrow), the following is what an Owner would see when selecting the Account Section in their own Diary. When looking at someone else's Diary, there may not be an Account Section if the Guest has not been given permission to access it.

  • Overview
  • Demographics
  • Contacts



This area is for Owners to add basic information about themselves. This is the area for Owner’s to change their password. You must know the existing password in order to make the password change here. If the Owner does not know the existing password, use the "Forgot Password" function on the login page. This is also the area to enter in phone numbers, addresses, insurance policies, family history and pets.





This area is for Owners to record information about where they live and work, education, etc. Certain parts of this information will be used to determine environmental information and weather (future release). Some information (height, weight, and age for example) is used to create calculations elsewhere in the Diary (Base Metabolic Rate or caloric burn for example), so the more information filled in here, the better. Click "Update" when finished entering or making changes. 


This area is for Owners to make a contact list of people involved in their health care. Click on the + sign (blue arrow) to create a new contact.


Then fill in the information.


Click on the three dots to the right of the Contact (red arrow) to View Details, Edit, or Delete any contact on your list.


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