CarePro Web: Account Settings, Sections, & Selector

Account Settings

  • In the upper left of the application, click on the profile of your organization (green arrow)
  • Here you can access Account Settings
  • This is the place to log out of the account (red arrow)

Account Sections


The Sections are your navigation point to Administration, Connections, Reports, and Account Settings (red arrows).


Account Selector

  • The Account Selector (green arrow) is where a user clicks to choose which account they are viewing
  • Your organization will have permission to view and modify Owner's Diaries 
  • Use the "look up connection" field (blue arrow) to see recent Owners' names or type a name to search
  • By clicking on a name of another Diary Owner, a user is able to view and modify that Owner's Diary based on the permissions the Owner has extended


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