CarePro Web: Billing Reports - View, Print, or Save PDF Reports

Billing Reports - View, Print or Save PDF Reports

Click on Reports in the left panel of your Organization Dashboard.


You can view Reports by Date. You can order Reports by patient name and time log. You can filter Reports by Patient Group and by Doctor. 


To see a patient's detailed notes and duration overview, click on the minutes link (green arrow).  


You can also view a patient's report data on a timeline, by clicking on the arrow to the left of their name. Doing so will expand the view. Clicking on the number you see in blue will also open up the detailed notes panel. Here, we see that Andrew Morris has an entry of 30 minutes on October 4, 2016. 


Billing Reports can be Printed or Saved as a PDF file by clicking on PRINT/PDF (green circle).

  • Remember to first choose Date, Order, and Filter options
  • Check your computer Downloads for the PDF file



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