CarePro iOS app: Care Plan, Overview

Care managers can create a Care Plan for a Diary Owner under their care. The Care Plan may consists of one or more problems, goals, and tasks. A manager may create one Care Plan per owner; he/she cannot create multiple Care Plans. At least one problem must be entered in order to begin setting up a Care Plan. From your Dashboard, click on the Owners tab at bottom.

In the following example, we have clicked on the name of patient Camille Lopez. We then clicked on Care Plan, in the top navigation bar below her picture.

As shown in the screenshots below, Camille's Care Plan is called "Diabetes with Complicating Asthma". The problem and goal are described beneath the Care Plan name, task number, and review date.

On the Problem line, you'll see a cog to the far right. Clicking on this cog opens up the information panel. You may edit this information, or delete it; or you may simply close out of this panel by clicking "cancel".


To edit, click on the line of type you wish to change. You will then be able to type your changes in that field. After you've clicked on the line, you will also see a grey circle containing a white X, at right of the text. Clicking on the X will delete that text. (Note: the X is not visible until you click on the line.)

You can delete the entire problem and goal by clicking DELETE, in the black bar. If you make a change, remember to click "Save". Or, if you decide not to make changes, you may close this box by simply clicking "Cancel".




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