CarePro Web: Owner (Patient) Profile & Contact Info

You can view and edit a Diary Owner's (patient's) profile by choosing the Owner's tab at left of your Dashboard. 

Choose the Owner (patient) from your list by clicking on their name. Verify that you are in their Diary by referring to the account circle (with picture) and name at top left. The larger circle indicate whose account you are viewing. In the example below, you are viewing Mary Harvey's account. The small circle to the left of Mary's picture represents your CarePro account.

Once you are in the Diary account of your choice, click on Profile in the left panel. Here, you will be able to view and edit Overview, Demographics, and Contacts information.  

Fill out the contact information for as many Contacts as you'd like to have on file. 

If you indicate that the Contact should be on the patient's Care Team, this will be reflected and viewable in the Care Team category in the patient's Diary.





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