CarePro iOS app: Create the First Care Plan

 Select the patient from your Owners list, by clicking on "Owners", at the bottom of your CarePro Dashboard, then clicking on the patient name at left. If they are not immediately visible, type the name in the "Find Owner" search box at top left.

 Once the patient has been selected, click on "Care Plan" in the top navigation bar; and click + Create Care Plan.

You will be prompted to fill in a Title and Dates to create a Care Plan Template.

Now that you've created a Care Plan Template, you can add the problem and the goal by clicking on "Add a Problem". A care plan can have one or more problems and goals. 

Simply type in the Problem and Goals fields.

On the patient's Care Plan Dashboard, next add any number of patient tasks and care team tasks as needed by clicking on the + signs. Once created, clicking on a task will allow you to view the details, add a note, edit, or delete the task.

You can click "status" to mark the task active, blocked, or completed. In the next screenshot, the status is currently marked "Active".

In "Update Status", click on any of these fields to make additions or changes.


 Each time you create a patient task or a care team task, you will be prompted to fill in the relevant details. Tasks appear on a calendar. From your Dashboard, go to "Calendar" at far right. Click on the field that says "Patient Tasks" or "My Tasks", to open the calendar window. You can also click on the word "More" at top right. 




Days on your calendar containing tasks will show the number of tasks via blue dots, or a number with an X, such as "7X" to indicate 7 tasks. Clicking on any given day will open a further drop-down field at bottom, with more information on each task. Click on the patient task to be immediately taken to that patient's Care Plan.

Care plans can be edited using the cog to the far right of the care plan name. You can also add Notes anywhere you see a Notes button. To add a new note, click on the Notes button, then click the + sign you'll see at top right. You can review the care plan simply by clicking on the Review button. Here, you can edit your review dates as desired. You can also click on "Review All Notes."


In this example, we have clicked on “Review All Notes”. You can add an additional note by clicking on the Plus sign at top right.

You can close a care plan by clicking the cog to the far right of the care plan name, then clicking "Close", at the bottom of the care plan window. NOTE: A plan cannot be closed if there are any active tasks. Active tasks must first be closed.




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