CarePro Web: User Management – Add & Manage Staff

 A CarePro Administrator can add and manage Staff, Groups, and Roles. To access these areas, click on User Management on the left side of your dashboard. In this article, we will focus on adding and managing staff.

To begin, make sure the Staff tab is open; click on Add Staff, at right.

 Fill in the "Create Staff Member" fields, assigning the staff person to the roles and groups you choose. (Roles and Groups must be set up prior to adding staff.) In this example, we are adding staff member Lucy Miller. When you have filled in all fields for the staff member you are adding, click Save.

 If you have checked "notify staff member that an account has been created", an email will be sent to the staff member at the address you typed in to the email address field. 

After you add the staff member, the name will be viewable on the staff list. You will be able to view that staff member's Owner Access and Role Permissions by clicking on the ellipses to the far right of the staff member's name. 

Click on the Owner Access tab at top right. You are now viewing the Owner (patient) Diaries to which this staff member has access. You can search for a Diary Owner using the field at top, and view the Owner list that is accessible to the staff member. In this example, we are viewing the access set for staff member Lucy Miller. To see the visible permissions for each Owner, click the ellipses to the far right of their name. 


Click on the Roles Permissions tab at top right. You will be able to view the permissions set for that staff member's role. Here, for example, you are viewing staff member Lucy Miller's permissions. 

 By clicking on the drop-down arrow at left of each setting name, you will be able to see what permissions are set to Private, View, or Modify for each specific category. 


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