CarePro Web: Add & Manage Roles


A CarePro Administrator can add and manage Staff, Groups, and Roles. To access these areas, click on User Management on the left side of your dashboard. 



Make sure the Roles tab is open; click on New Role.



Fill in the "Create role" fields. The Role Types you may choose from are "Diary Access", or "Organization". When you have completed all the fields, click Save.




After you create a new role, it will be viewable on the current roles list; and you will be able to view, manage, edit, or delete the role by clicking on the ellipsis at far right. 



 Click on "Manage Members" and then Add Staff To Role. After selecting staff members, click on Add to save.



Click on "Manage Permissions" to choose the level of access you would like this role to have. By clicking on the drop-down menu next to each setting, you can set permissions to Private, View, or Modify for each specific category. Next, click "Save". 





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