The Diary CarePro: Overview

The Diary CarePro™ empowers healthcare managers to maintain high quality in-office chronic care management in order to achieve improved patient outcomes. In tandem with the patient's Diary, The Diary CarePro enables care providers to increase patient engagement and ensure care plan adherence. Leverage multi-directional communication, modify care plans as needed, and access key care team information.

  • Quickly identify and engage eligible patients, and view requirements progress on a group and individual level. Let improved care coordination and outcomes pay for themselves – generate an additional revenue stream by billing for Chronic Care Management under CPT Code 99490, and offering assessments.

  • Quickly capture patient insights, track and manage tasks, set patient thresholds, manage provider collaboration, send communications and assessments, and dive deeper into medical records as needed.

  • Access patients' Care Card (Task Heart icon) to monitor their progress in completing healthcare tasks, such as taking medications on time, or monitoring blood glucose levels. 

  • Visually identify the most critical patient outreach while continuing scheduled care activities. Identify and prioritize patient needs instantly, mitigate risk, improve patient outcomes, and reduce administrative work.

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