CarePro iOS app: Setting Up/Editing Tasks


Tasks may be set up for either a care manager, or a patient (Diary Owner). If a care manager sets up a task for a patient, that task will be visible to the patient in their Diary. The Tasks bar can only be viewed after a Care Plan has been created, and a Problem entered.

In the following example, from within this CarePro account, I have navigated to The Owners tab at bottom. Then, I have chosen "Care Plan" at the top of the screen in the band beneath the patient's picture. Since I had set up a Care Plan and a Problem, I can add tasks.

To add a task, simply click on the Plus button to the right of the word "Patient tasks" or "Care Team tasks", in the grey bar. Your organization will be able to set up your own customized task types to suit your particular needs.

In this example, I have clicked on the Plus button next to Care Team task. I can choose an assignee by clicking on that line, and selecting from my staff list. I can also choose a task type, and give it a title, and description.

I can then schedule this task by clicking on "Due Date", and choose whether I want the task to repeat, by sliding the button to the right of the word "Repeat". I can then set when i want the task to repeat, and how often, and include a start and end date. 

Hint: if you cannot see all the settings, simply click, hold, and drag the screen up or down.


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