CarePro iOS app: Viewing Files in an Owner's Diary

In order to view an Owner's (patient's) files, navigate to the Owners tab at the bottom of your Dashboard. Then, click on the name of the patient you want to view, via your patient list on the left of your screen. In this example, I have clicked on Lucinda Davis. In the horizontal bar beneath her picture and name, I have clicked on Files. 

Lucinda currently has one file in her Files folder. If there were numerous files, I could search for a particular file using the "Find Files" field, and I could sort by clicking on the blue bar to view "Recent" or "A-Z". Clicking on the circle to the right of A-Z provides even more file details.

Clicking on the filter icon to the left of the Plus sign in the Files bar opens a panel which allows you to sort further by document type.

A file banner contains its name, date entered, and document type. Clicking on a file name will automatically open that file. 


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