CarePro iOS app: Assessments Overview

Assessments are fully customizable surveys or evaluations, which a care manager may build from within their CarePro account. They are based on Apple's ResearchKit model. A care manager can build an Assessment quickly by clicking on the Plus sign, and choosing text and question type widgets, known as "steps". Clicking on each widget ("step") brings up customizable data fields.

An Assessment can be built quickly using the story elements that make most sense for that Assessment type. For example, one type might involve yes/no questions, such as "Do you follow your prescribed DASH diet plan?" The patient may choose Yes or No as their answer.

You may build an Assessment choosing "Static" tasks--such as you would normally find on a print survey; or, you may create one using "Active" tasks, which require the patient to take some physical action, such as taking a 5-minute walk. 

After building your Assessment, you may edit it, or send it to the patient or patients you select. Clicking "send" opens a details screen which shows the name of the document, and allows you to set a due date, and select patients whom you wish to receive the document.

Clicking "Save" sends the Assessment to the chosen patient(s). They will see it in their Diary on their device, and the care manager will also see it when viewing the patient's Dashboard via CarePro. Here, the care manager can see whether the Assessment has or has not been completed.

Once an Assessment is created, it is saved in the organization's Assessment library, and is available to anyone in that organization. 

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