CarePro Web: User Management Overview

Clicking "User Management" at the far left of your Dashboard will take you to your organization's User Management page. Here, you can create Groups and Roles, and add staff members. The primary administrator of the organization may also assign roles to allow another staff member to access and edit Groups, Roles, and Staff.

A Group is any number of care coordinators and patients, under a specific user's heading. For example, the group belonging to "Dr. A" might contain three care coordinators overseeing 12 patients. 

A Role pertains to the specific tasks or duties that a staff member may perform. For example, one Role may allow patient access, while another might allow a view of reports only. The Administrator of the organization can assign any number of staff members to the roles they choose. The Administrator can add or remove staff members at any time.

The Staff field allows the Administrator to add new staff members at any time, and to view the staff member's Owner (patient) Diary access, and Role permissions. 

Please see additional articles on how to navigate and manage each area.



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