CarePro iOS app: Reviewing/Editing Care Plan

In order to  view a Diary Owner's (patient's) Care Plan, select the "Owners" widget at the bottom of your Dashboard screen.


Then, select the owner whose Care Plan you wish to review by clicking on their name, at left.


Once you have selected the owner, press the "Care Plan" bar to open their Care Plan screen.


In the Care Plan field, you can review the current Care Plan, or edit details of the plan by clicking on the cog to the far right of the plan name. In this case, the plan name is "Diabetes with Complicating Asthma". You can also add/edit Notes, and add/edit Problems. 

By clicking "More" to the right of a problem name, you will see a line below the problem description, where you can add Patient task and Care Team tasks, using the plus sign (+) to the right.


You can review a current task by clicking the caret (arrowhead) to the right of the task name. This will open a window which shows details of the task, and whether it is in Active or Completed status. Within this window, you can add Notes, Edit the task, Delete the task, or change the status by clicking on the blue status button.

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