CarePro Web: Adding and Viewing Diary Owners (Patients)

You can add new Diary Owners (patients), view them, and sort them in various ways. To begin, click on "Owners", on the left panel of your dashboard.

This will take you to the Owners (patients) list. You can add a new Owner using the blue "ADD NEW" button at top right. Just beneath that, to the left, you can search for a particular patient by typing in the "search by name" field.

You can filter which patients you view using the "filter by" button at right, directly beneath the blue "add new" button. Here, you may choose the Owner (patient) group belonging to the Group you select.

The following example shows the patient group belonging to Doctor A.  

To the right of a particular patient's name, you will see ellipses. Clicking on these give you the option to Edit Profile, Access Account, Add Notes, and View Permissions.



Clicking "Access Account" brings you to the patient's Diary. In the following example, you see Anne Baines' Diary Dashboard. Under the Glucose Module at right, clicking on the data point opened a Details panel for a view of more details regarding that data point.



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