CarePro App: Setting up Resources

Currently, in order to add Resources to your CarePro account, you must go to the web version of The Diary. Go to and log in with the same username and password as you use for your iOS Diary app. Then, using the left panel, navigate to "System Management". Choose the Resource Links tab at top. Here, you can add new links or edit any existing links. In the following example, I will click on the Edit button.

This opens a panel that shows me my existing links, and allows me to edit them. I can add a new link by typing a name in the Description bar at top, and adding a descriptive title. I am adding The Diary Website. In the type fields at bottom, I am adding a Title, Description, and website url address. I then click the "+ New Item" button.

In the following example, you'll see that The Diary resource has been added. In the field below the Description text bar, you can see my current Resources. To the left of each resource name is a green slider button. Toggling the button right (green) or left (grey) allows me to make that link visible, or invisible, respectively: green is visible, grey is invisible. You can toggle them back on at any point, by clicking on Edit and making the change.


Here, i have toggled off Web MD. I then clicked "Save". In this screen, you will see that Web MD is now in the Inactive resource list. 

Clicking again on Edit, to the right of the toggle buttons is a pencil icon. Clicking that icon next to any resource name will bring up the details of that resource in the bottom text fields. You can type in those text fields to change the information. Remember to click "Save" when you're done, or you can click "Cancel". Here, I have clicked on the pencil icon for Cleveland Clinic.

To the right of the pencil icon is a trash can icon. Clicking that will delete a resource.

At bottom right, beneath the text fields, you'll see "Import CSV." Clicking this allows you can choose your file to import, and upload it. A link to a template file allows you to make sure you are in the correct format. A sample CSV will download to your computer.

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