CarePro iOS app: Task Types

An organization's Task Types are fully customizable. CarePro allows an organization to set patient tasks, and Care Team tasks. In order to add a task, simply click the Plus sign to the right of "Patient Tasks" or "Care Team Tasks". 

In this example, we have clicked on Patient Task. By clicking on the fields in the task screen, we can choose the module to which we want to associate the task, and then the task type.

In the following example, we see a list of task types already created. If the type of task we want is not on that list, we can create a new type simply by clicking on the Plus button at top right, and typing in the field labeled "New Preset", then clicking "Done".

Once a type is chosen, we can fill out the rest of the details for the task, and choose whether we want this task to repeat, and set a due date. Remember to click "Save" when you are finished.

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