CarePro iOS app: Care Manager Customizing Patient Diary View

A care manager can customize the view of patient Diary data modules ("widgets") for ease of viewing the data sets most important to them. The widgets a care manager sets to view a patient Diary via CarePro are independent of the widgets view the patient sees, and vice versa. A care manager can select the patient's widgets they want visible in CarePro via the cog at the top right of the patient Diary Dashboard. 


Clicking on the cog opens a drop-down. Choose "Edit Diary Settings". This opens a view of all available widgets.

In the following image, you see all the widgets available to select. Click on the widget name under "available widgets" to make them visible, and click the circled minus sign, to hide a widget. (Hint: scroll down, if the full list is not in view.)


Here, we see that this care manager has visible the Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, BMI, and Body Fat widgets. The care manager has even more widgets visible for this patient, which they can access by scrolling down. 


Patients may be overwhelmed by seeing too many widgets at once. We recommend that they start using The Diary with only one to three set as "visible". It is recommended that the care manager discuss with the patient which data sets to follow most closely.


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