CarePro iOS app: Voice Dictation and Patient Engagement

A Diary Owner (patient) who is under a care manager's care is not required to engage with The Diary app. The care manager can enter all information on the patient's behalf, and can even complete Assessments with the patient, either in person, or via phone. However, patients should be encouraged to engage with The Diary app in order to take advantage of Tasks that a care manager has assigned to them. Research has shown that patient engagement plays a significant role in improved health outcomes. 

If the patient has an Apple Watch, they can be encouraged to voice-dictate health data into their Diary app. The Apple Watch syncs with The Diary app, and Apple Health data syncs with The Diary, as well.

For help in setting up an Apple Watch for voice dictation into The Diary app, contact a Kindness Care Specialist via email: or by calling (855) 794-6800, or via a message from within your app.


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