CarePro iOS app: Closing a Patient Care Plan

To close a Care Plan, navigate to the Care Plan of the Owner (patient) whose account you wish to close. Do this by clicking on "Owners" at the bottom of your CarePro Dashboard, then clicking on the name of the patient at left. Then, click on "Care Plan" in the navigation bar beneath the patient's name and picture circle. You will now be viewing details of their Care Plan.

Next, click on the cog to the right of the Care Plan name.

The Care Plan details window will appear. At bottom, click "Close". 

A "Close Care Plan" window will appear. You may type any note you wish in the field below the Title field, by simply clicking in the field. Then click "Save".

The "Close Care Plan" window will close, and you will now see the word "CLOSED" below right of the Care Plan name. 

In order to reopen a closed Care Plan, simply click again on the cog to the right of the Care Plan name, and click the "reopen" button, at bottom of the "Close Care Plan" window.



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