iOS myHealth Hub App: Dashboard Widgets

The myHealth Hub app "widgets" are modules containing certain data types. For example, the Oxygen Saturation widget tracks and displays blood oxygen level data and works in conjunction with the iHealth wireless pulse oximeter device. The oxygen saturation data displays as aggregate data by date.

Tapping "Week", "Month", or "Year" on the chart view allows you to see data within those time frames. 

Tap the plus + button at top right to add a new data entry. Tap the cog to the right of the plus + button to change your view options. Tap "Show All Data" to see a list of all data entered.

Via "Show All Data", tap on any entry to edit or delete the entry. To edit, tap the blue pencil icon at top right. In this view, you can change date, value, and unit, and you may add Notes. Tap "Save" at top right when you're done, or tap "Back" to exit without making changes.

To delete an entry, tap on the entry and then tap the black bar containing the white text, "Delete Entry."

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