Android myHealth Hub App: What is a Survey?

Surveys, or ‘Assignments’ in myHealth Hub, are questionnaires or forms that are generated by your care provider to coordinate care and show your care plan progress. Surveys in myHealth Hub can be located by tapping on the survey icon on the bottom right side of your screen. You will also see a number in red on top of the survey icon that displays the count of incomplete surveys.

When you tap the Surveys icon, incomplete surveys will display on the Surveys page. Tap on a survey to begin. After you answer a question, tap the blue "Next" button. If you  are unable to complete your survey, simply tap "Return to Surveys", and you will be returned to your surveys list view. Note that partial survey answers will not be retained. Your survey answers will only be saved when you completely finish the survey.

Once a survey is complete, for reference, you will see your survey on the Surveys List with the green word "Completed" to the right of the survey name. 

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